Markus Diersbock

Co-Founder, CIO

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Originally from Mission Viejo, California, Markus Diersbock wrote his first software program at age 12, on the classic APPLE ][+.

As a university student, he ran a side business teaching company executives WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and MSDOS.

In 1993 Markus founded ComputerMedics in Tempe, Arizona, which focused on network deployment, remote support, and custom application development. ComputerMedics supported a wide range of clients from startups to the FORTUNE 500, and was later sold.

AirTouch (Verizon Cellular) used PageButler for Windows, an alphanumeric pager application he created in 1995.

In 1997 Markus moved to Marblehead, Massachusetts, and held software consulting positions with MITRE Corporation, Ziff-Davis, Evergreen Funds, and BIOGEN.

He created and ran in 1998, the first web filestorage site, one year before xDrive (AOL) and Driveway (Microsoft).

In 2002 Markus co-founded SwingNote, focusing on rapid application development

Markus has appeared on television news programs, newspapers, and in magazine articles focusing on technology in business.